“Grand cul-de-sac marin” (literally large marine dead-end) is the the largest lagoon in Lesser Antilles. Life is teeming with its flora and fauna. It hosts a half-dozen of islets where it is good to stop and enjoy the sky, the sun and the sea.

Most curious ones will choose the promenade in canoe-kayak, accompanied by a guide, with Tam Tam Pagaie. You can discover and understand the lagoon, its delicate balance and typical fauna and lush flora. With a mask, even without diving knowledge, you will see the magnificent fish and other marine animals. At midday, a creole lunch, feet in the water on “La Biche” islet, will make you regain strength. For return, you will discover the mangroves, paddling under the mangroves.

Those who prefer comfort or freedom, will turn to renting a boat without a licence, at Liberti Boat. After a short initiation flight and particularities of the lagoon, you can choose your own route and planning, or even not even select and let you go at the discretion of your inspiration, with maps and GPS provided in equipment.

Several operators also offer boat skippered trips and other packages to discover this exceptional lagoon.