This is much more than a table d’hôtes. It is also a space dedicated to events. From the terrace of the house to the “boat”, a real party room that hosts tournaments of all kinds, dance parties, concerts or meals in groups of all sizes.

The facility is equipped to accommodate and serve up to 100 people, without having to squeeze in. There is room in the garden, on the terraces and even on the parking lot.

For the accommodation of your guests, the Gîtes Mosaïques can accommodate up to 35 people.

In the kitchen, Didier Godfrind is at ease in preparing succulent dishes from here and elsewhere. No matter how many guests you have… And to be served in our infrastructure or at your place, in catering service.

By reservation only.

Banquets, weddings, baptisms, community meetings
Dances, Concerts
Catering service

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US Car Event, June 27, 2021


Caribbean Rally, US Car Event, April 22, 2018